This declaration of love is an act of warm
Apple-blossom falls and floats like pages of a dream
I lie in the long grass and see the world as it seems
Its perfumes and decays from infinite spores
I had a dream of love and yet I've never met you
I was sliding headfirst laughing down a lawn
Your ringlet hair and smile would brighten any dawn
As you slid soft perfectly under my arm I knew

Sure as there's Maasi Giraffe, sure as there's Pink Nosed Dolphins
Sure as Tasmanian Devils, sure as there's Bengal Tigers, I'll have you
The truth is I am single in a king size bed
And when I turn to see you stars are in the deep
Though strangely reassured I am comforted by sleep
And then I awaken to these new sounds in my head

What if there's no Maasi Giraffe? What if there's no Reef Coral?
If there are no Polar Bears and no Snow Leopards, will I have you?

Apple-blossom aspires then my thoughts as storms conspire
They come and go so fast and never ever seem to last

Apple-blossom enthrals in techno thunder squalls
Where this declaration of love is an act of warm
As apple-blossom I float and fall to the world as it dreams

Among the Maasi Giraffe, among the Bengal Tigers
Among Orang-utans, among the Pink Nosed Dolphins,
Among the Snow leopards, among the Arctic Bears
Among Tasmanian Devils, I have you

Apple-blossom desires and my thoughts of love inspire
We come and go so fast though as long as my eyes shall last
We're sliding headfirst laughing down beneath the clouds we view
And I'm sliding perfectly into your arms, as if we always knew