You and I, we've been friends for so long
That I can't remember the day we met
Flaming locks, your desire
Mischief a fire in a forest from a cigarette
Swimming pool, we were cool
Red hot, the water through your swimsuit I won't forget

And the surprise
In my eyes
I'd seen you in a negligee

To refresh and revive, alive
We went for a drive to amuse a friend
And to please, nervous knees
You sang the tease as I danced around the bend
From my clothes I slid, you said you hid
Though I know you did not my friend

For the surprise
In your eyes

You'd seen me in a negligee
Rapture unbuckled before your bit lip
A ribbon undone on the heart and the hip...

The heart and the hip...

I pull up at your house and I see the bedroom light on
And the engine's purring and it's kitten time today
I see your lover with you, shadows through gold trees
Before I can be seen, I slowly drive away