My friend she loves yellow, she's the stare attracting kind
She loves her feet on summer heat and those who want to know her mind
She has the beauty to end wars among the shells on the beach
An allure of white buried in a novel, visible, yet out of reach

My friend she loves pink and green, she's September all in bloom
She smells of flowers in sudden showers, I don't know her perfume
Although I know I haven't asked, I prefer to be unseen
Hidden from the eyes of love, unromantic, obscene

Now my shirts on fire, I feel the fever higher
And in my heart, desire, in a day that will not tire
When you say you love all the colours, in you
In you I feel rainstorms, in you I see sunshine
I am in the rainbow of your smile

My friend she loves purple, she's mysterious within
She loves stars and shimmering guitars, they make her want to sing
You know I smiled when she was down and surprised myself
When I gave her spirit from the highest shelf

With my pants on fire, I feel that I'm a liar
Cause in this heat, desire, for a night that will not tire
When you show your love and its colours
In you, you, you, you, you, you
In you I see rainstorms
In you I feel sunshine
I am in a rainbow